Automated Testing Software For Testing Centres - ATS

Benefits of ATS to the testing centre

In today’s rapidly changing digital environment, it is has become more important than ever for everyone to be competent in Information and Communications Technology, increasing the requirement by testing centres to accurately gauge a candidates' practical IT competency. ATS provides a highly effective and suitable platform to meet this requirement offering a more secure learning environment and a much more reliable, valid and flexible test assessment.

Long-term benefits include:

  • Lower Costs
    Save time and therefore costs spent on operations since the ATS Administrator helps you to manage registration and results.
  • Improved Time Management
    Trainers and teachers are able to give additional support to candidates as marking and administrative tasks are performed by the ATS.
  • Improved Motivation
    ATS’s in-application technology is more realistic and engaging for the candidates, improving motivation and sustainability in the programme.
  • More accurate assessment
    ATS’s in-application technology enables the assessor to more accurately gauge the candidates readiness for the test.

Benefits of ATS to the candidate

ATS is unique in such that it assesses a candidate's proficiency of using a PC application by testing them within the actual software. For example, the ECDL / ICDL word processing module is tested in MS Word and the ECDL / ICDL presentation creation module is tested in MS PowerPoint.

ATS In-application testing gives candidates the advantage of being able to opt to complete tasks using a variety of methods e.g. the use of toolbars when completing tasks. ATS uses 'output' based marking methodology, recording and marking the complete exercises based only on what the candidate has completed rather than the method used.

ATS also records and stores the candidate's work for Office applications, allowing post examination checking and authentication using Litmus reports.