FAQs To Help Candidate Using Litmus Learning ATS

We hope the FAQs below will be helpful for you should you face an unusual experience using the ATS. As always, if you don’t see a question or answer that helps you please Contact Us right away.


When the candidate logs in there is no live test available under the live test tab, but the test session has been set up.

Solution - The test session has not been set to "active".

  • An invigilator needs to log in to the admin portal and change the test session from the default status of "not started" to "active".
  • The test will then show up on the candidate side.

The candidate/administrator cannot log on.

Solution - You will need to check the login name and password.

  • Check the username and password character by character.
  • Remember that Litmus passwords need to contain special characters - a character that is not a letter or number e.g. !, $ or %. The password will always contain one of these special characters.

The test will not run and within the tool bar is the message "unable to display toolbar".

Solution A - The support files have not been installed. The support files were updates in September 09, if you have not tested since then you will need to re-install these files on all machines.

  • The support files can be found on both the admin and the candidate side of the web portal.
  • Select the "help" tab from the top right hand corner of the page.
  • Install the files. (Also, please check the technical online checklist).

Solution B - You will need to check the ActiveX settings

  • The ActiveX settings have not been amended OR
  • ActiveX has not yet been installed.
  • Please see the ActiveX document on the help page (link below). ActiveX is a Microsoft plug in and can be found within internet explorer.
  • http://www.microsoft.com/protect/computer/basics/activex.mspx
  • (Also, please check the technical online check list)

The test does not run properly, or there seems to be some problem with the marking at the end of the test.

Solution - Always contact us as soon as this happens.

  • Every test has a set of files that sit behind it on the pc that the test has been taken on.
  • In most cases we will ask you to send over these files via email so that we can investigate.
  • It is important that you know that if these files are deleted from the computer or the hard drive is reformatted then we cannot look into any queries.

If at any point errors appear on screen either take a screenshot (we use ScreenPrint 32) or make a note of the error numbers. Always ensure that the test has been setup for the correct version of Office (2003/2007).